RGM (Decision of Fantastic Mysteries)

The many challenging issues (due to great mystical phenomena) inside modern and ultramodern science that might be solved together with Super ultra modern Research (SS), mainly while using the NSTP (Low – Spatial Pondering Process) principle. It is very important to remember that solution with a problem will not mean in which it’s allowed to be the total solution or perhaps something 100 % specific. Nothing, in line with the principle regarding universal uncertainty, is considered to be absolutely (my partner and i. e. 100 %) specific.
Part My partner and i
The issues whose root (mystical) phenomena are usually multiple areas of a single structure, ultimately causing the NSTP principle. The NSTP theory could be the unique theoretical representation of the structure, and so solves the difficulties.
1. The situation of Trend – Particle Duality
a couple of. The Difficulty of Electron Hop
3. The situation of Wheeler’s Late – Selection Double : Slit Try things out
4. The EPR (Einstein : Podolsky : Rosen) Paradox or The situation of Low – Area or Quick Communication
5. The particular Spin Paradox
6. The particular Polarization Problem
7. The situation of Size – Distance in Yang : Mills Principle
8. The situation of Allergens with Spin and rewrite ½
9. The situation of the type of Dim Matter
10. The particular Solar Neutrino Difficulty
11. The situation of the foundation of Gamma : Ray Bursts
12. The situation of Mobile Development and also Differentiation
13. The situation of Freshly Minted Necessary protein Folding
18. The Difficulty of Action well away
15. The situation of Relativity regarding Mass
of sixteen. The Difficulty of Relativity of energy or The situation of Total Speed regarding Light
18. The Difficulty of Conceptual A harmonious relationship between Body-mind
18. Zeno’s Paradoxes
20. The Problem with the Mechanism powering the Phenomena regarding Telepathy, Premonitions, as well as the Sense of being Stared With
20. The situation of the particular Mechanism powering Astrological Phenomena
Portion II
The difficulties which are usually Solved While using the NSTP Principle –
1. The situation of might Nature regarding (Substance) Fact
2. The situation of the particular Existence and also Nature regarding God and Deity
3. The particular Schrodinger’s Feline Paradox
some. The Brain – Physique Problem or The situation of Actual Basis regarding Consciousness
5. Is there Multiple Universes?
6. Is Mine the Additionally Possible Mobile phone industry’s?
7. What Happened Ahead of the Big Hammer?
8. What exactly is the Dynamics of Area and Moment?
9. Will be Time Vacation Possible? or Developing a Moment Machine?
10. Will be Life any Dream?
11. What exactly is Life Concerning?
12. The situation of the type and Origins of Size
13. What exactly is the Dynamics / Physics regarding I and Self?
18. The Difficulty of Unification regarding Basic Makes
15. The particular Cosmological Continual Problem
Portion III
The difficulties Solved Without the need for the NSTP Principle
1. What exactly is Meaning?
a couple of. What will be Truth?
3. What exactly is Knowledge?
some. What can be a Thought?
5. What exactly is Intelligence?
6. Can easily a Pondering Being At any time Reasonably Totally free Itself coming from Doubt?
7. Carry out Computers Consider?
8. The particular Riemann Speculation
9. The particular Poincare Supposition
10. Just how Synthetic Any Priori Information Possible?
11. The situation of Lifestyle of Universals
12. What exactly is the Relationship between Research, Logic, Arithmetic, and School of thought?
13. Can Free : Will Are present?
14. What exactly is Good?
15. What exactly is Beauty?
One of the most Challenging (Unsolved) Issues in Superultramodern Research (SS)
1. Exactly what are Superhuman Feelings? (The way to Understand These? )#)
a couple of. How to be able to Modulate the particular Central NSTPs? Specifically, how to improve the values with the parameters inside the central NSTPs?
3. What exactly is the Divine Layout (equally eternal and also non : eternal)?
some. The Difficulty of Creation with the Non : Eternal Galaxy
5. Will be Human Purpose Flawed?
6. Will be Reason Alone Flawed?
7. The way to Verify or perhaps Falsify the particular NSTP (Low – Spatial Pondering Process) Principle?
I reckon that answers to these issues are over and above human mind. If a single solves these kinds of problems it must be regarded since SuperhumanArticle Lookup, the state of being distinctively increased to individual.