Master Plan To Increase Interaction In The Classroom

Engaging students to concentrate during the class hours can be difficult around the year. Especially during winter, students seem to be sleepy as they keep themselves warm to battle the cold climate. Sometimes, a student might not be interested in learning a particular subject or a topic in the subject. For instance, he/she might not give heed to learn math. Or a concept in Mathematics like LCM and HCF. Initially, student engagement during class hours was termed as ‘paying attention’, either asking more number of questions or raising hands. This was one of the most effective ways of comprehending the lessons. Now, things have changed and students must have a skill of self-initiating capability to learn and that is termed as ‘student engagement’.
However, a few teachers might have an issue regarding the students not paying attention and not interacting during the class hours. There is a solution to everything. There are a few tricks mentioned below to increase student engagement in the classroom.

  • Create a cordial and friendly environment – This is one of the key factors to engage the students in the classroom. When a teacher tries to build a classroom community, it is an essential part for them to teach students to respect their peers, describe their individual responsibilities and how to build a positive rapport with everyone around.
  • Give them the liberty to learn the way they prefer – It is a known fact that we cannot give that freedom for the students to learn what they want. But, we can help them explore their methodology of learning. Teachers can give them a choice of how to attain their learning purposes.
  • Incorporate online activities – This is an era of digitalization. And students are inclined towards E-learning. This factor helps the teachers to engage the students’ attention. Students might be interested in learning trigonometry concepts via online mode. However, the teachers must pay attention to clinch that students don’t get disconnected from the session.

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