Fast Reading Tips for Students

Being a student there must be a lot of text that you need to ignore while reading the other important information in your textbook. Students are expected to read almost everything under the sun from newspaper to every author’s book in their subject line. There is so much to read for them that it is practically not possible for a slow reader to go through the context of each and every article that they come across to read. There comes the need to speed reading or fast reading. Students explore numerous ways on how to read faster. They train themselves with this skill so that their time can be utilized only to go through the useful information and they can skim the overall matter within no time. However, reading very fast can reduce your understanding of the subject but with time you can learn to overcome this effect as well.
Here are some tips that will help you in knowing the ways of how to read faster:

  • Do not talk to yourself:

Have you ever noticed that while you read something you tend to subvocalize the text as if you are speaking the words to yourself? This is a helpful technique in remembering the concepts that are being read but it reduces the speed of reading to a great extent. You should try and not subvocalize the text that you read. Use aids such as chewing a gum or putting finger on your lips so that you do not move your lips and muscles of the throat while reading the text silently.

  • Put your hands on the read text:

When we read some text we tend to roll our eyeballs back and forth quite often. Our eyes tend to go back to the text that we have already read. It can be a subconscious attempt of our mind to find the relativity of the current text with the previous knowledge that we must have just read above. However, it hampers the speed of reading to a great extent. Therefore, we suggest you put your hands or some piece of paper on the text that we have already read. Try to this practice every time you read something. Gradually the habit will be pertinent and you will find that your speed has improved significantly.

  • Do not try to understand:

When you have set yourself on a mission to learn how to read faster you aim has to be very particular i.e. to increase the speed of reading. You can not expect yourself to understand the context of every text that you come across. In fact initially, it will be difficult for you to understand the meaning of everything that you read. You will be able to read really fast with the practice of just skimming through the text. All you can do by this practice is to get an idea of what overall matter is being discussed here. With time and practice, the understanding will also start developing and you will get hold of what you want to read and how! If you wish to really understand what is written then you may have to slower the pace of reading. Therefore, while you practice increasing the speed of your writing, just read it and forget the idea of understanding it.